Content of Classes

Sessions that take place in a physical location and those that take place live online through Zoom follow the same format. The standard sessions offered last 1 hour and consist of:

Warm Up Exercises

Every session begins with a preliminary series of warm up exercises in preparation for the asanas that are to follow.  These are designed to mobilise all the key joints and warm the body, both of which are extremely important in helping to reduce any possibility of injury.


'Asana' is the third of the eight limbs of yoga according to Patanjali in the ancient yoga Sutras.  In basic terms 'asana' is a generic term for postures used in the practice of yoga.  Even if you have not practiced yoga before you may have heard of some of the common asanas such as the 'Downward Dog' or 'Salute to the Sun'.  During the session you will attempt to perform a series of asanas following demonstration by your instructor. 


The session usually ends with a short period of relaxation.  Clients are also encouraged to focus on the breath as a means to achieving a relaxed state.

To help decide whether the classes are for you here are a few questions and answers that may prove useful

Are the classes appropriate for beginners?

The short answer is yes. Many 'Live Life Well Yoga' clients have begun as novice practitioners. Because classes contain clients with a range of ability and experience, each session is designed to be accessible on a number of levels to ensure a rewarding experience for all. This is achieved in several ways including the option to use aids such as blocks and straps; adaptations, modifications and extra guidance are also offered where necessary.  Mainly, however, clients are given autonomy in choosing how far to progress their practice through a range of options being offered once the asanas and sequences are undertaken. All sessions aim to enhance flexibility,strength and balance through carefully planned sequences which challenge different parts of the body. You may find some asanas (postures) challenging at first but can expect to experience progress and improvement with practice over a period of time.  Clients are encouraged to see yoga as a personal process in a non-competitive, supportive environment.  All clients will be encouraged to attempt postures to the best of their ability.  

What clothing and equipment will I need?

Mats, blocks and straps will be provide, although feel free to bring your own mat if you have one.  Ensure you wear appropriate clothing which enables you to be comfortable and able to move freely, Feet are better left bare and long hair is best tied back.  Consider that body temperature is likely to increase as a result of the demands of a typical class and you may wish to bring a water bottle.  

Will I feel uncomfortable if I cannot achieve the postures?

Yoga is in no way competitive and classes should engender a collective will for each delegate to get the most out the session for their personal capability at that time. 

I have underlying health issues will I be safe to participate in a Yoga Class?

There are certain conditions that will mean that it is not advised to participate in Yoga Classes some of these are listed on the  Precautions and Prohibitions